Works Ahead

Works Ahead is a new-ish project, developed out of the old Method Lab + SeedFund schemes we ran with greenroom. Started in 2012, it aims to offer very small supported work-in-development commissions for artists selected from the year’s Emergency platform and/or other events. Support includes mentoring and a public showing of the next stage of the work…

The first Works Ahead took place in May/June 2012, with a new partnership at Contact (as a Re:Con co-production) featuring a night of performances from Gareth Cutter, Lowri Evans + Krissi Musiol; and an evening of interactions from Angel Club (north), Fallen Wall Arts, Julieann O’Malley + Small Acts… See their image gallery.

The second Works Ahead took place in May 2013, once more at Contact, with a night of work that moved you from 70/30 Split, Kitty Graham, Joseph Lau + Ellen Turner (winner of the 2012 Turn Prize); and a night of work that spoke to you from Lena Simic, Façade Theatre + Wayne Steven Jackson… See their image gallery.

The third Works Ahead took place in May 2014 at Contact, with a triple bill of work that delved into the mindset of the performer from Lindsay Bennett, Paul O’Donnell + SheepKnuckle… See their image gallery.

Our fourth Works Ahead took place in April 2015 at Contact, with a double bill from Nathan Birkinshaw + Jamil Keating: two young male artists questioning manliness in this digitised, disembodied, discombobulated era… See their image gallery.

Our fifth Works Ahead took place in June 2016 at Contact, with two very different double bills from four artists at different stages in their careers: Terri Donovan + Afreena Islam; Top Joe + Lucy McCormick. On different stages, at different scales… See their image gallery.

Our sixth Works Ahead takes place in May 2017 with two nights in two venues featuring three artists: Tom Cassani + Toni-Dee Paul’s double bill at Contact, and Chanje Kunda at STUN Studio at Z-arts. (NB Jamil Keating is no longer developing a piece for WoAh 2017.)

Works Ahead 2017 is co-commissioned/co-produced by hÅb + Contact; supported by STUN (Sustained Theatre Up North); supported using public funding by Arts Council England; funded by Manchester City Council.
Project Mentors: Matt Fenton + Peader Kirk | #WorksAhead